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One Way: Tyssedal - P2 Skjeggedal

First stop is Tyssedal Hotel, last one is P2 Skjeggedal Carpark

  • 30 minutter
  • 100 Norwegian kroner
  • Tyssedal


This journey to Skjeggedal begins at Tyssedal Bus stop, stopping at 4 stops before finally reaching Skjeggedal where the hike to Trolltunga begins. Our season is 23rd of May to 22nd of September. The stops are as follows: Tyssedal Bus stop – 09:56 AM Skjeggedal - 09:59 AM P1 TyssoHallen - 10:00 AM P2 Skjeggedal - 10:20 AM To see where the different stops are on a map head over to the Trolltunga/Trolltunga Shuttlebus page and click the stop you want to get on at. The full bus ride takes 25 minutes and is itself filled with great views. The return bus from Skjeggedal leaves at 01:15 PM and stops at all the same stops as the way up.


Cancelations needs to be done 2 days ahead off your ticket.


+47 536 41 444

Odda Taxi, Almerket, Odda, Norway

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