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Taxi or Shuttle bus?

We got both!

Since 2002 Odda Taxi has been getting tourists and locals where they need to go. 

Trolltunga shuttlebus

Between 23th of June and 17th of September we operate a shuttlebus that will take you from Odda to Skjeggedal. The route starts 6:40 AM from Trolltunga Camping, making 9 stops before arriving at Skjeggedal Carpark at 7:10 AM.


The return trip leaves Skjeggedal Carpark 5:30 PM and stops at the same stops as the way up.

We have an extra route set up between 29th of May and 30th of June that leaves Trolltunga Camping at 10:00 AM, reaching Skjeggedal at 10:30.

Odda Taxi

Odda taxi consists of 6 taxis, 3 minibusses and a large bus. We do taxi and bus services in the district, mainly in and around Odda in Ullensvang.


In the spring, summer and fall we transport tourists to Skjeggedal (Trolltunga starting point), Låtefoss, Buerbreen and other attractions in the local area. You can check the prices here.

To order a bus please call +47 917 13 232


If you are ordering for more than 4 people, or for other reasons need a bigger car, please let us know in the message field


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