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Odda Taxilag A/S

Odda Taxilag AS consists of 6 taxis, 3 minibusses and one full sized bus. We operate passenger transport, mainly in the Odda and Ullensvang district.


In the spring, summer and autumn we also transport a lot of tourists to local attractions. For some of them we have set prices for these taxi rides, for the others please order here, or call us at +47 536 41 444 to ask us about our prices.

Odda - P2 Skjeggedal

Tyssedal - P2 Skjeggedal

Odda - Buerbreen

Odda - Låtefoss

500 kr

400 kr

500 kr

700 kr

For 4 people

Between the 23rd of May and 22nd of September we also run a bus route between Odda and P2 Skjeggedal (Trolltunga starting point). Leaving Trolltunga Camping at 9:40 AM, returning from Skjeggedal 13:15 PM. To check out our stops and order your bus ticket click here

Odda Taxilag also run the local taxi central and other local passenger transport.

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