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Minimum requirements for hiking Trolltunga

Trolltunga hiking tips

Trolltunga is one of the most scenic and spectacular cliffs in Noway, hovering 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet lake. It is situated at the western edge of Hardangervidda plateau, near the town of Odda.

Trolltunga and the valley far below were carved by and icecap that covered most of Scandinavia, during a series of ice ages. 

The hike through high mountain terrain up to Trolltunga (1180 m) is long and demanding, but you are rewarded with magnificent views.

About hiking to Trolltunga
  • Start early in the morning

  • The weather in the high mountains may change fast. Check the weatherforecast before starting.

  • Never hike to Trolltunga in heavy rain or in foggy weather.

  • It's always colder in the mountains than down by the fjord.

  • There is cellphone coverage along most of the trail (Telenor/Telia).

  • The hike to Trolltunga is long and demanding. We recommend hiking with a local guide.

  • Drones are not allowed in the area

Bus to Trolltunga

The bus route starts 06:40 at Trolltunga Camping, making 9 stops before it's arrival at Skjeggedal Parking at 07.10 where the hike up Trolltunga begins.


The return from Skjeggedal Parking leaves at 17.30 stopping at the same stops as on the way up.

Map of Trolltunga
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